Modal Swaddle Blankets

Oliver B is beyond excited to introduce MODAL fabric for the nursery.  This ultra-soft, silky, durable fiber has been coined the "wonder" fabric for its amazing breathable and hypoallergenic properties.  See below for additional information and be sure to check out our MODAL swaddles, crib sheets and crib skirts, available now.

Why MODAL?  For a little background, MODAL is a silky-soft, durable fiber.  It is considered one of the world's softest fibers, and as a result, sits in a class by itself.  Four distinct qualities of MODAL fiber caught our attention.  It is hypoallergenic, breathable, moisture-wicking and can be washed at any water temperature without breaking down.  These qualities make MODAL the perfect choice for a baby's sensitive skin.      

Our first MODAL collection features swaddle blankets, crib sheets and crib skirts utilizing pale colors tones and mini-prints.  We guarantee this fabric is here to stay.  Once you touch it, you can't imagine your baby sleeping in or on anything else.  Start shopping.

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